Sunday, 15 February 2009

I sit here really wanting to update you all but not really knowing what to say.

Its been a hard few days...were unsettled and impatient to see things 'begin' here. Yet i wonder if they have not already, i wonder if Andy got offered the job in the pub just as a way of getting us up here at all, because if we were honest with ourselves i doubt we would be up here now if we had not thought we had an income up here. I wonder if it has been a time for us to really, and i mean really think about what it is we are doing here - how invested are we in just learning, in trusting God and in leaving the hectic nature of our city life behind us for a life that isn't all about work and bills? If anything the circumstance of the last few days have lead us to pray more than ever as a couple, to really face the anxious fear within- that this year will be a waste of time- and to know that in the end its our choice- we can either be here or we can chose to not be here, we can either believe that this will be a fruitful time our we can just leave the orchard now.

So i guess we have decided, 100% that this is where we will be- whatever the outcome looks like!

Plus- if we get it- it looks like we will have an even better place to work right here in Wooler!A pub opposite our house is in need of plenty of staff- its a new pub/restaurant/b&b so potential work there is positive- plus we will be exactly where we want to be all the time- in the local community.

So i guess again God has meet us in our mess and lost none of his beauty.

And for now we will see how it goes.
thanks for all your messages of support- we have needed them so very very much!

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  1. hmm... cities... noise, traffic, smell, fumes, street lights, stress (actually, that never goes away!), strangers, costs, jams, shopping, rudeness, business, crap beer (and cider), towny pubs... bla bla bla....

    Country... trees, frogs (!), sheep, good beer (cider - maybe not in the NE), peace, rivers, hills, country pubs, dinky libraries, proper accents, tractors... stars...

    No contest really... I know where I'd rather be.


    Seriously... if it's driving you to God, and to each other... then it's already working :)

    See you soon,