Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Small Dog + 12 bakewell tarts = bad news.

Today things really did go pear shaped

JD ate a tin full of Mother Bedford's homemade Bakewell tarts then proceded to throw them up all over the car...sofa...and kitchen, and seeing as his stomach is still three times the size of his head we are awaiting more.

Due to severe management errors Andy's job is now possibly somebody else's job...

...Rae applied for the only avaiable job in wooler- a dinner lady position at a local school,after that she forgot to take her bank card out of the machine so the greedy beggar swallowed it...

...and we think our car brakes are broke but are too scared to find out.

and we have been in northumbria for only 24 hours. nice work

so as we await to hear about the potential loss of Andy's jobs please pray...

we're not sure what is going on...we're confused about what it is we should be doing next and trying hard to listen to God. We know it will be ok but at the moment its a bit scary.

So keep us in any spare thought space you may have and we will let you know how the next few days go...

at least were next door to the pub..............................:)

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