Saturday, 22 January 2011

Joining in..

Phoebe, currently being ignored by her mother who was catching up on the blogging world was playing happily on her mat... then she started complaining and her mother, being a bit engrossed in what she was doing tried to entertain but the child was not fooled, mother was not giving her her full attention. The complaining continued... then Daddy came in, took compassion on his little girl and crawled down on the floor and lay next to his child laughing and making silly noises till Phoebe started laughing and playing again. Mother stopped what she was doing and watched her two favourite people in the world blow raspberries on their play mat.

I think God has been trying to remind me of this for a while, but today i really get it.

Join in.

Join in with me in what I am doing
Join in with your friends and talk about what they think
Join in with your community in what they are feeling
Join in with your neighbor no matter how different they are from you
Join in with my passions and follow where they are leading
Join in with your church, even if it gets frustrating
Join in with worship, even if its not your style
Join in with the Bible, its your awesome story
Join in with the sorrow, so you're there in the good and bad
Join in with my adventure...

... its the best choice you will ever make.

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  1. Ace! (That's right, I'm bringing back some eighties adjectivity)