Thursday, 2 April 2009

The new pad at the Riverside Country Park, Wooler

We are now all moved in and already loving being caravan dwellers...We still can't believe how blessed we have been at being able to find this, the more we think about it the more amazing and so obviously God's plan it seems to be...

No longer feeling pressure to do extra shifts at the pub is definetly a bonus for us as we really want all the time we can get to be with the community and just being together. Also being close to work and living in Wooler is great but we realise too how greatly this puts us at the centre of the community that is The Riverside Country Park. It was amazing how many of the local caravaners were asking us at the weekend if we got a caravan or not...they were so excited when we could finally confirm that we did and we already have invites to BBQ's with them!We are right next door to our boss and the Chef too which is great as it again helps us to feel a lot more settled here and involved in what is going on. We've realised pretty quickly that were not just learning from the northumbria community this year- we are doing and living in community in wooler!its pretty nice how things come together and as Gary, the lifeguard for the swimming pool at the riverside would say: "Aye Pet- your living the dream in wooler now!"...who would of thought! for those of you intereseted in seeing the new pad (that does have a spare room;)) click the link below and it should take you to my facebook photo page!

We have had some really good times with the community as well recently...conversation flows easily and we have plenty of time to think and chat about the community. I (Rae) have started reading 'life together' by Bonhoeffer- brillant book and as much as i thought i would never say this again after CYM - i am enjoying the space to study again! Andy is getting more and more time to do his writing too which he loves as has never really felt the freedom to do that and Jd- well- i think us bringing him back to bristol eventually will be a down right act if animal cruelty- he is loving being up here ( and is getting a bit too friendly with our bosses Dog Molly too..!) I think having a Dog up here has completed the experience for us though- i mean we have a valid excuse everyday to spend hours wondering the hills of the national park, and the more time i spend there the more in awe i am of this place and the more i want to be outside enjoying just being...i mean surely by now we muct have convinced some of you to move up here and live in a caravan!?

Anyway...that is about it for now...we just await the madness of the next two weeks at work with Easter holidays and a visit from a few bristolians :)

from the trailer trash of Riverside Country Park
Andy and Rae

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  1. Great to hear you guys are living the dream and following the steps that God leads you! seems even JD was a part of the big picture! I think JD is still the craziest dog Bes has ever met!!
    We're blogging now too (oo get us!) well the royal 'we'! Im onto housework to while Bes is driving 2 hours to another city to buy a fish today...i dont ask too many questions...