Sunday, 24 April 2011

The mother

What if my child sacrificed their life for me?
Would i be able to stand and watch?
Would i not want to just take them down
and take them home
and hold them forever
and never let go

wouldn't i want to tell them to stop
that the world will not care
that they matter more
that the kingdom could wait
that someone else could do this

would i not want them just to stop being a son of God and just be my son
with no greater purpose
with no need to save
and no passion
if it meant they would not sacrifice their life
would i not want this?

To still live and breath the next day, no longer with my child
to wonder was it worth it, will it matter in the end
to know i had to let go, he was no more
to know my child was gone, sacrificed in innocence
killed in hate

the darkness surrounding, the family mourning
wouldn't a mother no longer know love?
passion is lost
hearts are broken
and for what? a greater kingdom?
As a mother, would you not just want your son?

A sun rises on the 3rd day
If you saw would you not believe it is him?
would you see the scars and still struggle to conceive
your touching your son, the son of God?
The son you watched die
the son you have mourned
the death you did not want
the heartbreak you have felt
the tears this mother has wept
Would I, a mother having wept and wept
now understand
now accept

the Son has risen
the kingdom has won
and sacrifice and love
will never be defeated


  1. I've often wondered if Mary was really the only one who 'got it' as Jesus hung on the cross...

    Thanks Rae :)

  2. This was beautiful. Thank you for posting.