Saturday, 7 February 2009

Off t'up north then...

After months and months of excitement and doubt, anxiety and impatience we finally find that we are actually leaving...on tuesday we become residence of Wooler, Northumbria.

This year we hope to discover a deeper understanding of what it means to be 'community' as Christians - asking how do we live in a time such as this, in a culture such as this and in a society such as this? We hope we discover a focus to all these passions we have flying around inside of us- we hope that being near and joining in with the northumbria community we will learn an ethos to life that has depth and meaning, that lives out and within the story of God...We hope that eventually when we come back to the inner city those things we have learnt will be a solid foundation for what we feel called to do- to simply bring Hope.

We also hope for time...time to be together as a couple, time to reflect and time to walk the dog.

Within 6 days of visiting northumbria for the first time God provided Andy with a part time job as a Restaurant supervisor and a house for us to live in- it actually belongs to Roy and Shelia Searle- some very main figures within the northumbria community.

Here on 'its all gone pear shaped' we hope to share with you in our journey- what we discover, what we struggle with and how our passions develop...

Thank you for the support already- it has meant so much to us and we hope through this blog you continue to feel connected with us on this journey!

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  1. Guys... I've just spent 15 mins going through a load of stuff from friends' blogs on the Deaf community... and then seen this... something just went click in my head about the way that, for Deaf people, because in the hearing world, a lot of what they have is each other, they perform community in the way that Christians are called to... I think Community is a massive key to seeing the Kingdom come in real life :)

    One thing I learned through the YWAM experience... if you put yourself out there and give the time over to God... then He certainly takes advantage of it :)YWAM was a steep learning curve for me... but so important... I hope the curve's a little less steep for you ;) but steep enough...