Wednesday, 4 March 2009

its pub time!!

The wonderful news is that we are both now employed!!!WAHOOO!

We are officially the new bar staff at the Riverside Pub which is a lovely, quite large pub in wooler. We had training there today and really got on well with the other staff members and the manager who is about the only person in wooler we have met who hasn't looked at us like were mental when we explained why we moved to Wooler from Bristol which is always a good sign!

We are continuing to feel lifted in spirits now and are getting a bit more eager to get stuck in with the community here. We would still appreciate prayers on housing-we are hoping to find a place that is our own as soon as possible...we have looked at some gorgeous houses but feel that even though there cheaper than our tiny flat in bristol there still maybe too much money for us this year and will hinder what were here to do as we will be working all the time to pay bills - again! So some other options are in our thinking but we really want wisdom in making a good decision!

Till then we will continue to indulge ourselves in the increadibly long daily dog walks in the national park....the VERY cheap co-op food and the knowledge that this friday night we will be servign drinks to over 70 members of the local Hunting crew!!Don't you just love the country!!!

God Bless you muchly
the Pears

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