Tuesday, 12 July 2011

you idiot....

Yesterday I read a blog about Mark Driscoll, i had never heard of Mark Driscoll but realised i had seen him on Twiiter (pastormark) bashing Rob Bell and Donald miller. I struggle not to worship Donald Miller due to my absolute love of his writing so natural, my first impressions was he was an idiot. Then i read this blog and i was right. He is an idiot.

Now,this blogger was pretty brave to write this and i really admire her wanting to see change and getting the church to stand up and address what really does come across as bullying and totally awful interpretations of the bible.

Reading what he thinks about men, how he uses language that bullies and teases people, how anti gay he is and how when a male pastor admitted to having an affair with another man he blamed the wife 'for letting herself go and not being sexually available, and not that the pastor was gay' honestly just makes me think he really must be an idiot ( and thats my nice, blogging language!!) but i have never met him...

I don't know what he is really like

I don't know why he feels the need to swear in church or why he thinks Christian men should cage fight

I don't know why he thinks Rob Bell and Donald Miller's teaching is wrong

I don't know why he is the way he is.

And i certainly haven't been put in the position to judge him , or anyone...

I don't think any community i have been a part of is as bad as church at judging, especially other christians. Its like we put other christians up and above anyone else and expect them to reach and exceed our expectation. Its so hard to not to think my way of thinking and living is the best, that the way they 'do' church is wrong. And we all do it, and we do it a lot!

Having said that, we will meet (and probably have met) people and leaders in the church who we really struggle to agree with, people you really want to detach yourself from because their way of living out the story of God, and seeking the kingdom is so awful different from you. And there are bullies in the church. There are people who are horrifically anti Gay, and there will always be someone preaching things that really aren't biblical.

I am beginning to understand though that there is an alternative to bitching about it over the sunday roast. It has to be relational. When issues arise we need to deal with them, and not by marching up to them and ranting about what an idiot we think they are but by making effort to build bridges that are based on equal standing.

Being church isn't standing up in a church meeting and telling everyone what you want.

Its as simple as inviting them down from their tree and inviting yourself over for a cuppa.

And even though the issues themselves might not be simple, addressing them is so much more positive then gossiping about them.

But as always... the right thing to do isn't always the easiest :)

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